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Raised my savings goal and other musings

January 5th, 2016 at 04:23 pm

Hi all

Raised my 6/2018 savings goal to $475k from $400k

A lot depends on my job, health, emergencies and really a lot of things.

Funded my HSA for the year today. Trying to fund Roth in next 2 pay checks then rest goes towards investments and other savings. I did raise my 401k to 25% which basically for 7-8 months lowers my income (unless I work more than 90 hours) to the amount I would get if I worked full time at the company I am at. I want to get used to that salary so I can be prepared to go full time if money runs out and they cancel my contract

My contract IS being renewed but no word on how long. Hoping it is 1 year. Do not like constant uncertainty that having 6 months contracts provides


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