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Bought a car (sortof)

November 5th, 2015 at 06:58 pm

Hi all

You know I sold my 2008 Tahoe this year because it was too expensive just to let sit all the time. I think I sold it for $22k. At that time I worked an hour away and could not justify drving it except in snowy times . I loved the car and it was sad selling it.

We also used it as the primary for my non for profit for events, donations etc and without it (and the death of a volunteer we used often for transport) we have been kinda stuck and I have been missing an SUV

Anyway a few weeks ago I posted for my not for profit that we were looking for an SUV.. 4x4 .. used over 100k miles... trying to get something for around $5k. Someone responded who owned a dealership down in Ohio and said he had a 2008 (that was his) Suburban white LTZ with all options (and more) and in awesomme shape that he was selling. 128k miles.. He would sell it to us at $13500.. value is over $20k and he could finance. I had someone check it out and it was in great shape, dealer maintained, new high end tires even

Anyway I took it and it arrived over the weekned. I LOVE it.. I will pay likely 8-9k and taxes and let the rescue pick up the rest.

Do not like going into debt but love the car and the deciding factor was the price. Even if I drive it through the winter or for several months I can still sell it for more than I paid.

I am not lowering my savings goals so just need to pick up the pace to get this paid off asap!!

3 Responses to “Bought a car (sortof)”

  1. Livingalmostlarge Says:

    So do you keep two cars?

  2. snafu Says:

    I suggest setting up a chart to track the date, use, mileage each time you use the Suburban b theecause car was inappropriate. You might conclude that getting rid of the car and using the Suburban better meets your needs.

  3. Rachael777 Says:

    I agree with Snafu! Thanks I will do that. I do keep 2 cars.. genesis and this but if I can continue this work at home gig.. really why keep 2 cars.. we will see but really like snafus suggestion to help me figure it out. Thanks!

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