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general money updates, almost the end of the year

October 18th, 2015 at 03:48 pm

Hi all

Just posting some updates

1. maxed out HSA (this is my first year. will use that as a retirement savings vehicle)
2. maxed ROTH and will have finished the 401k max on hte next check

Big items for next week

1. figure out health insurance for next year.. I am w Blue Cross Blue Shield on a high deductible plan but apparently plans have changed and pricing as gone up. crazy!
2. I will hear on the refinance next week.. hoping for good news or 'easily resolvable news'. I DO NOT expect a full approval but hoping for conditions I can meet or explain/. rate locked at 3.125 w all costs met and they may be able to use my appraisal from last month (savings there).. h ope to close this month. and then will be done w the refinancing

* I am still bothered by the dog next door (barking).. but it has faded and still hoping these people will move. it is no longer an all day thing I just do not like it at all.. and do not like them..I need to turn my focus elsewhere as I am not moving anytime soon. if I had good relations with them I would likely not be bothered but just have a general negative feeling and sense.

3. I will do the final settle up with the property manager and the new one will start contacting tenants. VERY nervous w the switch.. really need to find a good stable management company.. who can find good tenants and provde good management repair services

I am working on a this life balance sheet I got off a lifecoach website. want to be more balanced. healthier and not just be working for an end. I want to enjoy the journey too

Love the fall and plan to be outside today.

Rest of the year finances wise. my only goal is to save as much as I can and work w the new property manager to get a sense of control and stability.

In 2-3 weeks I will request my renewal at work so these next 2 weeks will continue my strategy of being as entrenched in my current projects as possible.. getting this reenewal will be a HUGE weight off my shoulders. HUGE!

Investments are down along with probably everyone else's but just continuing to do the same thing and feel good that buying more at low prices now will add up when the market does turn

2 Responses to “general money updates, almost the end of the year”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Our investments are down too. Kind of depressing, isn't it?

  2. Ima saver Says:

    Mine are down too, but I have seen them go up and down so many times, I never worry! They have done well in the long run, and that's what counts!

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