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Property Manager issue-seeking thoughts

September 9th, 2015 at 01:47 pm

Hi all

My property manager contract calls for a 60 day cancellation notice. I talked to the current PM yesterday and he was saying he will hold me to that and in general not very nice. He also has the house he has had vacant for 3 months. He says 'no one is going to rent is faster'. The seller (65+ year old owner rented it before on his own). We are hitting the slow renter season and I do not want that particular hosue waiting 60 days to turn over when I know this other guy can rent it faster.. and/or to a better client

The current PM says he has 5 showings set this week. betweeen Thursday and Saturday. I told him we will talk later in the week so I could figure something out and get ideas from folks. I feel like changing the locks or doing something 'forcible' but then he has all the other homes.

Any suggestions?

he makes nothing on the house right now and is likely just being an *****.I can not afford to have bad property management causing me months of rent. but can not afford to have him mess up the rest of the homes too.

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    That is upsetting, but my first thought is you signed a contract with him calling for the 60 days cancellation notice, I tend to agree with him that he should hold you to it. If he's not getting paid without a renter, he should have the same motivation that you do to get the home rented. How many showings did he have prior to these upcoming ones? Does he have ideas or tactics to get the home rented? Is it priced too high, can you offer a discount on first months rent to make your home more attractive?

  2. Rachael777 Says:

    The rent is already lower than the house that I own next door that is smaller by $200 which I did just so this guy could rent it. This guy does not market it well, has less ads, no new ideas, often even when I call his voice mail is full.. people call HIM from the add. I can hardly get through to him how can they.., he is not free to meet people same day or next day so sets people up days out (when they sometimes do not show up). I mean all the pluses of this new property manager company he does not have. Just upsetting my thought was to buy him out but waiting for hopefully thoughjts like YOURS (thank you) and others and asking some other people off the blog. Thanks!! Any ideas. I feel stupid and stuck and really IF I had a mortgage which for the grace of God and a relative. I do not but if I did I would force it. I need to survive first of all. if he does not rent it then drops it on my lap 11/1.. how are we going to rent it then.. right before the holidays.. more I think of it htem ore upset I get.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Aren't people always moving? I understand there are slow downs. I wouldn't panic about the winter. Can YOU place an ad (or ads) and attempt to rent yourself? Anything to keep you from doing that? If you can, let him know that is the plan. Not sure if you can then not pay him, probably not, but you could still cancel with him as of 11/1. The benefit is you can get someone in there renting ASAP!

    I hear you on the voice mail issue. That is a real problem for clients and renters.

  4. deacon's wife/laura Says:

    You signed a legally binding contract with him, so you should be held to it. No offense intended, but there is a point to these things. I am sorry that you're having a hard time with property managers and hopefully you're next one will be an improvement. I agree with CCF about trying to rent it on your own. Put an ad on craigslist - there is always someone looking for a place to rent and I wouldn't get so upset about it. A lot is going right for you - buying your parcel of homes outright, your dad being stable. Might just take a deep breath and not let this get to you so much. Smile

  5. snafu Says:

    Has this PM done his work as outlined in your contract as your employee? Have you documented his shortfalls in meeting your expectations? Have you met with him to outline your concerns and given him reasonable deadlines to improve his performance? Any employer can dismiss/fire an employee who fails to perform duties established as part of the job.

    In your shoes, I'd locate a legal clerk and pay for a letter via Registered Mail, notifying the PM that he's fired due to failing to perform his duties with message service unable to add calls, failing to make appointments to show rental unit[s] failing to respond to tenant calls in a timely manner and whatever else is on your list.

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