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new 6 homes updates

August 10th, 2015 at 04:07 pm

Hi all

Still pending confirmation of that gift so not feeling excited yet.

On that home in flux. Section 8 lady moves out in full tomorrow. She did give us payment for the month so I should have full rent for this month and the property manager is going over there Tuesday to see what we need to do. I am going to source my own rehab folks this time as possible options as he took too long last time and his guys are resource constrained. I want to be more in control and in the know. these homes are my retirement!

and I meet w the other property manager tomorrow to investigate options. I am bringing my CPA. I trust his business instincts and advice

I need to get these 6 homes smoothed out!!

Despite last weeks rant. I feel we have come a long way but not quite there yet

of the folks I have talked too (other landlords too) the consensus is it makes sense to get out of Section 8.

still working 68-70 hours a week and banking as much as I can.

Fence gets completed today,

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