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Decisions with the house

July 17th, 2015 at 01:08 pm

HI all

just diarying but comments are welcome.

I live in a ranch on an acre lot here in town.. house is very nice.. open ranch. brick... awesome yard. problem has been a NEW NEIGHBOR moved in last year. .. they recently got 2 dogs and fenced their yard... one dog is a Jack Russell terrier mix and can be yappy at times. First week was REAL Bad. I called animal control (I run the largest cat rescue in town so I know them). they came out, talked to owners etc.. noise improved and is still improving but the neighbors are not friendly etc etc.. (they were not told I called) but I basically do not like them and i doubt they like me.. I remember meeting them for the first time last year and being all welcomey and them just sortof cold (esp husband) I think that is how they are. Anyway, I also have a blind cat that I like to let out in the yard sometimes (he can not leap the fence) but the instant this dog sees him he starts barking (so he has not been out since their fence went up. they used to walk the dogs and the barking was never an issue then) and the dogs are left outside a lot.. mostly quiet but no way I can let the cat out and have the dog charge the fence when he sees it.. wife does not work. crazy.. these guys have a very expensive house but sortof run it like hicks.

Anyway for weeks i have been upset. trying to figure out what to do. I was even thinking of selling the house I was so unhappy.

I am going to put a new 6 foot wood fence on the side by this neighbor. $5k. but should be a BIG relief and make me happy so I can feel private again (current fence is chain link on that side). this wood fence will match the other fence on the other side. To put this fence up I am going to take down the existing chain link fence and ask them if I can take down part of what they just put up (at my cost) so the fences do not need to run next to each other which does not make sense and if we do that they will have plants growing up between the fence that THEY will see. I plan to talk to them tomorrow and am sortof nervous.. hopefully it goes well. if so I will have the fence an under 2 weeks. Prayers please.

how am I paying for this? I know. Upsetting. I am $2k under budget for the rental large repairs that I escrowed for (NOT shown on the left) so pulling that and will have to do some magic to get the rest. Unclear right now but I am going to go insane if I do not get this fence up and starting living in my house again.

I also had a yard service clean out the beds adding trees, redoing the front etc..

I am going to look into refinancing the house to a 15 year mortgage. That was my plan from last year. I am on an almost a 6% mortgage rate now due to some of the crazy house stuff I had to do last year. If I can refinance to 3.5 I will pay approx the same amount and be on a 15 year term.. so likely doing that.

If I keep this house through retirement. who knows but it is a nice solid house for right now, all fixed up and has some custom things in it that were just for me so makes sense to stay right now. besides I did not really pay 'full price' for it when I bought it back from the bank so not sure I would save alot by moving anywhere nearby as prices are pretty high out here.

Feeling better w this fence decision made and will feel BETTER once that fence is up and landscaping is complete.

Dad's closing is today!! and I have a half day off work. YAY!!!

4 Responses to “Decisions with the house”

  1. AnotherReader Says:

    I think this is a very smart move. If you move, you will incur substantial costs to buy and sell, plus you risk unpleasant neighbors wherever you go. At least with an acre, you have good separation from your neighbors. And a ranch is great for aging in place (you are too young to worry about that now) because there are no stairs. Running a cat rescue on an acre is also much easier on an acre than it is on a 5,000 square foot city lot.

    Not sure I agree with the 15 year mortgage. I would definitely get out of the 6 percent loan if you qualify. However, I would rather have a slightly higher rate for a new 30 year fixed rate mortgage. If you want to own the house free and clear in 15 years, just make bigger payments. I would look at the extra interest as insurance in case I lost my job or there was some problem with the rentals. I could drop back to the lower payment during the financial stress.

    With your neighbor, I would show them a written proposal and emphasize how much both parties will benefit. Point out how much this will help them with the barking issue and don't forget to say it's at your expense.

  2. Rachael777 Says:

    I hear you with the 30 year option and that is a thought. I am still deciding.. the 15 year forces me to make the payments but you are right w the 6 homes/3 units and LIFE outstanding that is risky and forces me to keep a higher paying job for a longer time which I do not want...
    Regarding the cat rescue, though I run the rescue it is not run from the house(thank the lord!) so I just have my own cats (3) at the house. one of which is blind. and have a paid operation person that runs the day to day (another relief and change I made 5 years ago). Still lots to do but does not infringe on my life like it did before. however one of the custom things I did to the house was to have a 'foster room' built in the basement which is sortof like a mini-vet office with medicine, 3 cages, sink, flooring, fridge, lines for Sub Q fluids etc. I generlly take the super serious cases only .. and this isolated room is a big help.
    Thanks for the hints w the neighbor. I will report tomorrow how that goes and the barking is dramatically less and hopefully gets even less and less and then hopefully they move. Smile

  3. SecretarySaving Says:

    I would put your fence up next to their fence. I share a fence with my neighbors and there dog is always digging under the fence and even breaking the boards. That way you don't have to ask them or deal with them in any way. Do you have a neighborhood association that you could speak with about the noise to see if they could send a letter asking for when there dog is barking a lot of take him/her inside?

  4. snafu Says:

    Perhaps the neighbours didn't realize a cute Jack Russell terrier was a small dogs with a big attitude. High energy, smart, aggressive, athletic, love to chase, determined, incredibly active, destructive, fearless and have a high pitched bark that goes on endlessly. They love the challenge of jumping over, digging under, climbing over a fence and easily learn to open gates with weak latches.

    I suspect the dog is outside because JRs destroy a house and furniture if they are bored.

    Make sure the fence provider understands the fence must be able to keep a Jack Russell out.

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