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Lookimg for investment thoughts and have rental updates

May 15th, 2015 at 08:35 pm

Hi all

Still putting a good amount of money in savings..$20k so far for the year not including the 401k

Expecting $14000 of fix up costs this year on the homes/3 units. Got $8000 towards that with only $6k left to find/earn/make up. This math will keep me at $15k emergency fund by end of year which is my goal

I was thinking of taking out the $15k rental fund from my networth calculation. what do you guys think?I really will not use it for anything but real estate . and need it that high for the first few years to fix these up. weather changes..maybe just in general ALWAYS keeping $15k

Two houses move outs at the end of the month. Already showing one... and have fix up work on the other so will have to fix up/rehab first and then show (more downtime)

So far. got 3 units turned over or re-leased at the 3 units (6 total units).. All at $600 ..all look good. I also raised the security to $900. NO current vacancies. Waiting for this one guy to get out or re--sign his lease at $600 for June 1 and then got 2 more who renew in a few months. So after these homes and this guy and this fix up work. things should quiet down.

Overall happy w the rental property manager change but want to fine tune it. These homes are long term. need to hone my process and relationships to lower stress and tighten things up.

Dad gave me his guns. selling for $2000 approx (on consignment) that will go towards the rental fix up.

INVESTMENTS. how do you guys allocate? I have been reading up on this and thinking about doing an investment policy statement with my long term goals and strategy. . currently thinking.

10 % bond
15 % international
75% aggressive stock fund

All at Vanguard.

What are your thoughts. Thanks

Still plan to refinance the house in August to a 15 year loan with closer to a 3% rate. currently at 5.35. This will not change my payment significantly. possibly raise it probably $300 a month.

1 Responses to “Lookimg for investment thoughts and have rental updates”

  1. Carol Says:

    10% bond is awfully aggressive at age 44. I would rethink that. I send you this comment from a caring place.

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