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Update-progress towards 2015 goals

May 14th, 2015 at 09:07 pm

GOALS w status.

1. $15k rental EF-POSSIBLE but need to rebuild fund by almost $8k by end of year to make this goal
2. $35k increase in savings/investments-DONE and striving higher.
3. 1 Roof for 6 homes-BUDGETED AND ORDERED
4. Decrease negative cash flow on rentals by $400/mth-VERY POSSIBLE but pending, at $380 increase now but taking a $235 decrease on one and further increases pending still on 5 others.
5. Stay within maintenance and vacancy budget for all rentals-VERY possible still
6. Make all 6 homes/3 units payments-VERY LIKELY
7. Fully fund Roth account-DONE

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