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Feeling frazzled but diarying the journey

May 1st, 2015 at 03:06 pm

HI all

Just diarying the journey today and should do that more often.

1. work still fine, working 50 hours a week, making more than I ever did, raised 401k to 19% from me (and get a 3% match credited at the end of the year)-SPEECH CAME BACK!! yay.
2. doing a roof and turning over a house this month (roof is $3500. house is getting quoted)..
3. 2 tenants moving out end of May... one is long term and house requires updating. one house we should be able to clean and turn over quickly
4. 3 unit "turning over bad tenants/raising rents effort" is progressing but definitely more stressful than I had thought but still on track., We DID go down in rents from our projected $630 across all units to $600 across all units. Still hoping to have the bulk of this smoothed out at the end of May
5. projecting $17,600 worth of long term improvements this year between my house and the homes and 3 units. I will have to take $7600 out of the rental emergency fund to fund that and them replace that by end of year
6. still trying to save every month. $12k saved since the start of the year NOT including 401k
7. $28k increase in investments since start of year (with appreciation and new cash put in).. goal was $35k. Raising goal to $50k for the year
8. Dad is moving in to assisted lviing tomorrow .. 5 minutes from the house. big life change for him and me.. adding stress
9. lost wallet and 6 homes check last week (caused lots of stress.. ) almost had to replace the 6 homes check ($5100)but got it worked out.
10. still planning to refinance the house to a 15 year loan in August. I am currently on a 30 year loan paying almost 5.3.. rate should drop to 3.15 or something

2 years 9 months til 6 homes paid off but hoping for an easier year next year as we raise rents and take care of finalizing the bulk of the long term improvements this year.

Have not had ANY time to work on coming up with an extra $119k to pay off the homes at the end of this year but have 2 friends doing fix and flips. t hey are newbies but are estimating making $40-60k each.. being newbies maybe it will be much less but still interesting

We will see how it goes but I have friends who are NOT newbies, more experts, who do them and DO make that amount. I need access to cash (not my own) and TIME to THINK and RELAX (has been in super short supply lately)


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