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Rent increases and other good news

April 2nd, 2015 at 04:48 pm

HI all

My rent increase with section 8 went through and all it took was an email, call and filing out a form. WOW. got almost a $200 increase on a long term tenant.

Getting lots of good showings on our vacant apartment and other person we are tossing did not qualify for enough disability so expecting her to leave shortly.. Both will go up to $650 so so far on the 3 units I will have raised the rents $205/month . and the 6 homes $186 a month since the start of the year. hoping for more .. I WILL likely take a cut when that short term lease lady moves out so can not count yearly totals til we are at the end of year. Goal was to raise rents $400 across the board across all units. I want to exceed that and stay within the maintenance budget. note: rehab and roof money does not come from my maintenance budget it comes from the rental long term/or emergency fund.. so that will need to be either built up now or replenished later so I end the year at $15k

In other news.

car paid off!
and another $350 towards investments today and managed to vacation for 6 days with no noticeable decrease ins savings.
and set up $50 Vanguard auto invest per month (difference in car insurance w dropping the Tahoe)

facing some big costs though

1. city inspection on the 3 units.. estimate a few thousand (new code rules regarding water heaters and furnaces across ALL units)
2. remainder of the city inspection on 2 homes. minor outdoor work
3. roof on one house
4. turn over one house that has a long term tenant. estimating at least 4k?

But as I turn over these long term tenants the homes are getting updated so the 'update/rehab the whole house' is not yearly expense. (thank the lord)



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