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3 unit update-looking up

March 24th, 2015 at 08:17 pm

3 unit update. Looking up!

1. Guy we were throwing out is OUT! Property manager will assess the apartment tomorrow Am for repair/clean up but looked great last week. Will list for the weekend if looks good. Rent will be $650 and we are going to ask for $800-900 security. I will also have manager have Section 8 look at it. to see for the future what they would pay for it. He talked to Section 8 before and they were thinking $700 or so.
2. lady we went to court with today. Court went well. Basically 'we won" and got the judgeent. Move out date 4/14. It was set so far ahead because the tenant's income situation changed and she may be able to pay the back rent, attorneys fees and a higher rent and says she want too. We will see. If we do not work out something her date to get out is 4/14 and she WILL have increased income so hopefully can do that.
3. I also meet with the property manager tonght. We talk all the time but I meet w him once a quarter. I have a list go go through.

Feeling MUCH better w 6 homes/3 units this year. more proactive. less reactive. more in control

ALSO finally did my excel sheet summarizing up everything from the 6 homes/3 units for taxes for last year. Gave that to my accountant. I expect to have news on how much of a refund I will get either this week or end of next. Hoping for at least $10k

I also now have a process (MUCH better process) to track every month, track to goals and this process will allow me to just print it off at the end of the year and voilah! I am ready for taxes.

VERY happy I got rid of the other lady property manager

Put $500 to Vanguard. Rest of car money will towards the rental emergency fund and the Genesis payoff

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