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Tahoe ad is up and more savings

March 20th, 2015 at 07:39 pm

Hi all

Tahoe ad is up on Craigs list Hoping for $22k for a 2008 Tahoe LTZ w 88k miles.

Fingers crossed.

Brother dropped off $300 this month for the privilege of using my address.. sent itright to vanguard. I should get this every month.

Talked to Section 8 on my rent increases. They are submitting 1 house that is now at $975 in for approval at $1111 a month. Hope it works. (very easy way to raise the rent on long term tenants if it does.. teannt portion does not go up) The other 2 are not eligible as the people in them have only 1 bedroom 'vouchers' but choose to stay in a much larger house so for then I need to move them on to raise the rent.

The short term insurance lady moves out at the end of April. she pays $1435. We are looking to re-rent at $1250 or so. She paid more because her lease was short term. I expect minimal fix up there as we just fixed it up and she has kept it up well. should rent fast.

Other lady (section 8) rent $950 is moving out around the same time. end of April . end of May. We will need to update that house and will expect $1100-12oo in rent when we do. I expect to lose a few weeks here fixing this up.

Things are still in the works on the 3 units. Hoping that one guy gets out over the weekend but if he does not all his stuff wil be set outside (extra $200) on the lawn Tuesday.

Court date for other lady 3/24 too

and 3rd 'slow payer'.. his lease is up 5/15 and we can not apparently serve him for just a late fee. Property manager is going to talk to him and see his intentions etc. His rent will go up to $630 if he stays..if he misses rent we will start fileing.. so his rent will go up 6/1 to $630. if he misses that we will serve him

I think people are seeing we have pretty good units in a nice neightborhood at a good price in town. Which bodes well. We did a random search and really again there are very few 1 bedrooms in town.

reviewing w my accountant I have already raised rents $460 (a month) across the 6 homes since I got them.


3 Responses to “Tahoe ad is up and more savings”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Sounds like you're progressing well

  2. Another Reader Says:

    What are your plans for the proceeds of the Tahoe sale? Looks like you could do the roof, fund your 2015 IRA, and bulk up your emergency fund.

  3. HouseHopeful Says:

    Sounds like some great plans. Great job with sending the money from your brother right to Vanguard!

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