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Investments going up. Musing

March 19th, 2015 at 02:14 pm

Hi all

As you know I sortof 'started over in 2012" at age 41. pretty scary at the time and scary now but I am investing and saving all I can and trying to come up with extra money all the time. So it gets less scary and more exciting every day.

In a short time I think I have done alot.

My post though is about the fact that this past year ish my investments (just simple mutual funds) have gone up ALOT and today it made me think 'wow IF I had $500k or something in those funds or even $100k' how much faster the interest rate balance accumulation would go. Exciting and makes me want to save more so I can see some of that and start adding to capital like that in a big way.Like Now when I make 10% on say $10k that is $1000 if I had $100k or $500k that would be $10k or $50k.

Striving to invest wisely and get to those LARGER balances quickly so the market does more for me than it is even doing now.

Currently projecting having $275k in (various retirement and non retirement) investments by 6/2019 (age 48) but that is a projection and may change (down or UP!!)

onward. Smile

I was going to search for that blog. 'Born to Win' or something to get his thoughts on making an Emergency fund and fortifying it with items too. like food... insurance or whatever (he had many ideas) to cut down on the actual cash I need to reserve.

2 Responses to “Investments going up. Musing”

  1. Another Reader Says:

    Do you mean "Retired to Win"? He posts here on his blog and at the MMM forums.

    If you want to see the corporate types' approach to early retirement, check out and the forums there. A more hardcore attitude is over at Mr. Money Mustache and the MMM forums.

    Want a good landlord blog? Check out

    The paper asset markets have gone up steadily since 2009. Bonds are no longer inversely coordinated with stocks. Once interest rates go up, or the economy slows, we are going to see corrections in both asset classes. In your shoes, I would focus in paying off debt and having strong cash reserves. If you had been in that position the last time around, you probably would have come out of it with more of your assets intact. You have been extraordinarily lucky. That might not be the case next time.

  2. Rachael777 Says:

    Thanks for the advice. I am saving as much in 401k, roth and personal investment accounts but may increase emergency fund to 4 months just in case.. feels good to feel like I am either almost at the top of the mountain or at the top and heading down the other side w the real estate.

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