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LOTS of updates, dad, work, brother, 6 homes/3 units

March 13th, 2015 at 10:04 pm


Lots of updates.

Work offered me full time $100k, 2 weeks vacation (they have room to increase vacation to 3 weeks or maybe more), 3 % 401k match vested in 3 years. I make effectively $120ish now and HAAVE an instant vestd 3% match so NOT going to take this now. I am on contract for a year (January 2016)and will evaluate at the end of thisyear options to go full time, jump to another group who can extend my contract where I work now or get it extended in the group I am in

Dad.. looks lke Dad is deciding to move to assisted living nearby. getting forms and drs evals set up. fingers crossed. He did drive a short distance and was fine. We do not have authority to stop his driving and lettign him drive to the dealership helped him free up to make the decision to move. easier to deal w the car when he has transport options avail (assisted living)

6 homes.. going great.. rents always in .. the short term insurance lady we put in last year is likely moving on in 30-60 days.. so May or June 1.. we will look to rent it for $1200..current short term rent is $1435. Should rent easily. good time of year to rent

other homes.. one section 8 lady is moving end of April. will look to raise that rent by $300 and fix up house (few thousand)

3 units. guy we are throwing out was served by the sheriff. we looked at the apartment. IMMACULATE.. hoping he moves soon but sheriff comes in 3 weeks (most move prior to that). raising rent by $65 (or more if we can)

Other lady not paying rent. attorney was not happy w our 5 day notice (did not include certain wording). we have changed the wording. re-served her LAST Monday and expect to get a court date in 7-10 days after THIS Monday. same time frame with her.. within 4-8 weeks after that court date she should be OUT!! raise her rent by $90

Slow payer. paid all but $50 of his rent.. we are putting him on notice he needs to pay or get out.. and will serve him Monday if needed..

We are trying to clear everyone out in the SPRING. so we can rent them easier..

Put in for s8 increases (of $200 each) on the other homes.. Section 8 did not deny them but asked me to redo the forms etc.. did nto fill them in correctly and clear up this city inspection (due 3/24) and may want me to do some fix up. we will see but fingers crossed.

I have a budgetted $1300 monthly loss across the 3 units and 6 homes ..every dollar of rent i can increase decreases that budgetted loss. My goal is to increase rents $400/month across all. I am hoping to exceed that.

6 homes paid off March 2015, 3 units March 2019

By some miracle still able to save every month.

Did not do taxxes yet.. swamped w work, work trips, Dad. will look to finish the needed data thsi weekend

3 Responses to “LOTS of updates, dad, work, brother, 6 homes/3 units”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I'm glad your Dad seems to be clear that assisted living is best, I hope he can remember that until he gets there! Pretty good to hear that the apartment is clean by the renter who is not paying. Makes less work to clean up and rerent I assume.

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    You know what? I am so glad there are folks like you who are willing to be in the landlord business. It would so stress me out! Good luck on switching out paying for non-paying renters. Wink

  3. Rachael777 Says:

    Most times landlording is not this crazy.. but it does have its moments. I am just in the middle of smoothing out a building after lax management but thanks for the comment and I am hanging in there Smile

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