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Excited for first pay day tomorrow!

February 26th, 2015 at 10:45 pm

HI all

Excited for first pay day tomorrow!! Have not had a check in 4 weeks and this one will have 401k money being transferred too.

Had a SUPER bad day at work yesterday.. but feeling good today (this sales guy talked down to me but he apparently is this way with everyone so I got over it)..

Hoping for a good month next month w the rentals but got that guy moving out at some point, the city inspection partial fix (rest will wait til that lady moves out) and a lease renewal to a 3 unit person at $630 to get signed off on or we need to turn the unit over.. Also submitting to get increased rents at the Section 8 homes. They say an exception maybe can be made and my rents increased. It would be great to NOT have to turn over the remaining homes to get a rent increase. Got the fair market rents off of HUD and the 3 bedrooms fair market rent is $1249. I get between 900-975!! I want to raise those rents the least cost way possible.

meet with tax guy hopefully SUNDAY!! Hoping for at least $10k. fund the ROth and save the rest.


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  1. TD Says:

    Woo! Enjoy that paycheck Smile

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