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Weight loss and smaller goals

February 18th, 2015 at 07:47 pm

Hi guys

As you know I do not get a paycheck this month (due to timing with old job and new job paycheck cutoffs). anyway I am feeling like I am missing my 'fix' of saving here and there. What 'small goals' do you guys set that help you get through and stay motivated?

Also I ordered Nutrisystem and am working out a system to eat at home. I used to eat out alot.. now cooking.. buying food.. fun. learning and less money for better food. have more energy too. Will start to track savings.

I am ordering Nutrisystem for either 1 or 2 months to help me learn portions.. good eating and to get a jump start.. also exercising 30 minutes and drinking every day and KEEPING Track. I am 15 pounds over what I weighted 'pre buying house back from the bank'.. I gained 10 lbs there and the other 5 with the old job.

Onward to a healthier happier me.

Anyone have experience with Nutrisystem?

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