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6 homes/3 units. more challenges and opportunties

February 17th, 2015 at 01:00 am

Hi guys.

First of all does SA load slower for you lately? these past few weeks it loads super sloooow.. I use Chrome .. any advice?

Updates. 2 of my homes are subject to city inspection. got a lengthy inspection this time.. (first time inspection since I had the homes). anyway getting quotes and looking at the homes this weekend with the manager but expecting a few thousand? news sooon

Also one of the 6 homes people (the one we were actually considering getting rid of) is moving out on her own.. that is 'good' but these homes have not been fixed up in 5-7 years .. because tenants have stayed so long. I am expecting a few thousand to turn it over.. Luckily these paragraphs are on the same house so maybe we can do double duty and save some $

On a high note too. I should get at least $1100 if not $1200 or more for rent on the house she is moving out of . Current rent is $975 so big bump in rent and easy to rent.

I am taking my $1750 for the cage bank and applying that towards the rental fund to help with costs of the above.

So far even with one guy not paying and 1 lady behind I am sticking to my budget every month.. makes me feel it will be awesome when I have full rent.

So hanging in there and better organized than last year but got some 'turning over' of units to do this year too.. so some costs to cover.

Next month marks the 24th payment and after that I have 3 years to go on the 6 homes...continuing the count down

2 Responses to “6 homes/3 units. more challenges and opportunties”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I use Chrome and have not had any issues with SA, although earlier today the site looked a little off, but it seems fine now. I have had an issue with a whole other site, but I think the owner put ads on the site that is causing it to slow down. Frustrating isn't it?

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    I was having trouble yesterday and the day before, but I was using IE. Sometimes I think those big banner ads that sometimes show up on the bottom of the page slow things down, especially if you are not currently logged in to the site.

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