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Sold the cage bank! and 3 units and other updates

February 14th, 2015 at 02:49 pm

HI all

Sold the cage bank for $1750.. taking payment today and then dropping it off next weekend. YAY!

Also found another $500 so definately making up that shortfall for this month. maybe I can save something?

Another 45+ hour work week and going to Nashville next week for work.

I feel like this year will be a good year.

The lady making payments paid $600 yesterday .. maybe she CAN catch up. I have a call in to the property manager to see what her plan is.. either way we have done the 5 day notice so can file at anytime.

Guy not paying at the 3 units.. court date is next Friday. quick!.. hopefully he leaves on own before or shortly thereafter

Attorney said I do not have a significant enough case against the old property manager for damages for putting this guy in with out doing proper screening. so moving on

Almosst done gathering up all tax docs. hope to work with the CPA the week after next or next weekend. Hoping for a BIG refund so I can fund the Roth and have more left over

Motorcycle guy (owes me $6k) .. no news yet

Dad is not doing well. and his girlfriend is indicating she is moving on and he needs to be in a memory care or other home (and he does). so will be setting that up in the next few months unless something changes.. little scary sad.. but plowing through it. he looks very ill and is VERY WEAK.. so not sure how this is going to go or for how long. Need to sell his house in Wisconson. car and stuff inside house. Girlfriend will assist.. and need to find a place out here..Dad is not being forthright with his financials at this point so will try to get information out of him. I am SO GRATEFUL that where I work is so large they have offices all over and have one near Dad (20 minutes) away so when I want to work in Wisconsin I can.

Looking to buy the 3rd row seats for the Tahoe off of ebay ..$799..(sold them last year for money thinking the Tahoe was long term car).. with the 3rd row seats I can get $1500 more at Carmax and I am sure more everywhere else in general. Some guy online (I called him) had a similar car to mine. same year.. great shape. sold for $23k cash to some buyer off Craigs list. Buyer had to get a loan but that was it. I owe approx $16k on the Genesis after the Warranty credit which is STILL not there. was thinking to pay off the car and when the time comes buy a 4x4 SUV for me and the rescue to use at a much lower price. Rescue maybe can kick in a portion.. hard to justify the Tahoe sitting all year.


2 Responses to “Sold the cage bank! and 3 units and other updates”

  1. chloe Says:

    It's really nice that you can work near your dad if necessary. Glad that many things are moving along in a positive direction.

  2. Another Reader Says:

    So sorry to hear about your dad. Finding a good place for him nearer to you will make it easier for you to manage things. Liquidating his assets so the cash is there to pay the costs of his care will be very helpful, although difficult and time consuming. Lucky for him and you his girlfriend is handling the split in a caring way.

    Try to get your father to give you power of attorney on all his accounts. Moving everything into a revocable trust if one does not already exist will help avoid the costs and delays of probate when the time comes. When he is no longer able to manage, you can take over as trustee. Best to do all this now, while it is still possible. An estate planning attorney can work with the two of you to get everything set up.

    Congratulations on selling the cage bank. Shelters here usually scrap them when they start showing signs of wear, so there is not much resale value.

    Nashville sounds like it could be a fun work trip.

    In your shoes, I would pursue the warranty credit/refund ASAP. This is a high profit item, so the issuer may be reluctant to move forward with the credit.

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