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All good news. feeling positive

February 11th, 2015 at 06:53 pm

HI all

All good news . feeling positive.

Overtime approved long term! up to 50 hours (have to ask if more than that)

Put 401k percentage in at 16%.. work will contribute an instant vest match of 3%^ so almost 20% total will go in allowing me to max it out this year

Rents all in at 6 homes and 3 units. except payment lady and guy we are throwing out.. my budget for the month is set now.. no more variables out of my control.. running $700 short with FIT BIT (see below) and medical bill.. but got an idea to make up $500 of that. Realistically I have a $1500 buffer in my checking so am fine but want to not use that.

speech is improving.. stutter subsiding as i get more at ease with my teammates etc. drove to Brown Deer, Wi yesterday to meet people HUGE HELP.

My boss however at work was let go.. unsure why. they are posting the job. I will express my interest in wanting full time but I just started and want to get he lay of the land first.

I got the FITBIT (some electronic wrist band thing) that someone else got here that tracks calories, miles walked etc. can not wait for it to come. I want to get fit this year and get into a sustainable routine with this work at home.

I can now work at home ANYTIME I want but will go in to work every so often.

Feeling good.

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  1. michdado Says:

    Congratulations. So happy for u

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