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New job update and 3 unit update-some good some rough

February 6th, 2015 at 01:24 pm

HI all

Another update.

New job. STRESS LEVEL is dramatically reduced. It is challenging with it being new and my stutter but looks manageable and fun. I drive to Brown Deer Wisconsin Monday to meet my bosses boss and some other folks and I go to Nashville the 17-18 to meet some clients and my project team. Meeting in person will help my speech anxiety. Excited. Boss is not who I thought it was .. they switched it at the last minute. He is in Florida. Basically i have no team mates or boss locally.. little weird but this company gives you lots of latitude IF you get the job done. I am handling a MAJOR project (the infrastructure side). little scary still but hanging in there. Last day of my first week is today (whew!)

ALSO my boss . this is crazy but possible good news. These folks work over 40 hours ALL the time so I asked him if I was capped at 40? and he said he will check the way I was set up but was not concerned so while he checks that (2-3 weeks) I am ok to bill overtime. 'just try to keep it at 10 hours over. do not want you working all night'

TEN HOURS OVER is almost $2000 extra a month!! WOW.

Anyway it is hard for me to work 10 hours over since I have to work at work these next few weeks and this week did not get on the network until yesterday, also waiting on VPN access but at home it will be easier and actually I have the work now to do the overtime so will get in some.

FIngers crossed that overtime works out long term.

3 units.

A rough patch (which I and the Property Manager knew). a little rougher than expected because I did not realize or think that my PM can not go to court for me because his name is not on the lease. it is the old property managers name. This means we have to get an attorney $$

Anyway.. person who has been continuously behind . we are filing court docs on her and the guy who 'just moved in in Dec' we are filing court docs on him. Hope and thought is that these guys will be gone way before court date comes but you never know.. And my property manager did not put these guys in there so we do not know them. Never had to go to court before (except years ago when I was like 20) so this is upsetting. I will get costs/plan today and tomorrow.

upsetting but better to take the loss and move on then have this drag on and on.

Reclaimed both their security deposits to help with cash flow.

First renewal goes out next month ( new lease) for someone else in the 3 units at $630. We will see how that goes.

6 homes still going well. that lady we moved in last year (fire insurance claim) we have no word yet on when she is moving out but it will likely be in these next 3 months. No other pending move outs.. so 6 homes are riding right along there.

and this month I paid all bills and my estimate to the 6 homes/3 units fund already(I subsidize that every month since it is on a 5 year payoff and does not cash flow on its own) and am coming out with a projected $500 short for the month. I have no more projected job income coming in this month at all. I have $1500 buffer in my account though but am going to try to come up with that $500 or cut costs so I do not ahve to use it.3 years left on the 6 homes as of March. Turning these 3 units over and cleaning that situation up should reduce my monthly pay in to $700 a month. Also taking care of these large things helps too. just getting the homes and 3 units in shape and purring along.

Only variable at this point is for the month (1) rents/costs ( I estimated HIGH COSTS and 6 homes rents are in. no word if all 3 units are in but we will be missing at least 2 which are already in my estimate) .. (2) food/misc monthly expenses.(also estimated high) .. probably can shave a lot here.

Here is to hoping I can cover this $500 shortfall with out any pulling out of funds.


Estimatimg my tax refund as $11-13k. Hope that is the case. If so. I will fully fund the Roth (need to check with my accountant that I can ) and put the rest towards savings.

Guy with that motorcyle.. STIll in contact.. still trying to sell. HE needs to sell it now too so he is working harder and is in more contact. Remind me NEVER to loan people money again. Anyway that is $6,000 which will put the rental emergency fund back up to where it should be. $15,000

If I can average 45 hours a week at work . I can MAX out the 401k (company gives 3% instantly vested match so all I have to put in is 13%) and then use the rest to save.

Still waiting on interpretation of city inspection report .. hopefully news this week or next and then I will go out there myself to see.

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