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Got my deed, loan and job update and musings. :)

November 26th, 2014 at 09:11 pm

Hi all

Loan update. Loan IS funding today .. YAY!!!

Got my deed! Cost me $198.. and I now know the process for the other 2 homes that I can pull out early

JOb update.. (this is the 3rd time this has happened).. I was the top candidate but now job on temporary hold. they are going through a re-org.. recruiter says if no news next week I should move on.


Cars.. Carmax was at $20k for the Tahoe.. seems like I can sell it online for $22k. Cashed in the warranty.. $2000.. Genesis worth $18-19k.. (not good resale value).. still figuring out if I should sell the Genesis or the Tahoe or both and get a smaller SUV. Listing Tahoe on Craigs List while I figure that out. Owe $171l1 on the Genesis but if I sell the Genesis I owe actually less because I had a full warranty on it and thzt will be refunded.

Goal-- have no car debt and a car that I can use and will do well in snow. Also feeling I need an SUV for the not for profit but not a higher end one..not for profit can kick in for that in some way if needed. thinking and doing up a excel sheet that I am filling in

I am assuming this job w the LOOONG commute is short term (few weeks/months) but I still have it so need to plan for the commute.. 50 miles each way.. crazy... I currently spend $350 a month in gas for the car.. thinking that will go up to $450 w the Tahoe..

If I am not planning on the car long term I shoudl sell it now because resale value is really dropping. Tahoe is really holding its value in a big way.

Happy Thanksgiving all!!

4 Responses to “Got my deed, loan and job update and musings. :)”

  1. Bluebird Says:

    That's great news! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Another Reader Says:

    Congratulations on the loan funding! When you have proof that everything has recorded, you can breathe much easier. While the rate is not the very best, you are protected from losing the house. And your rate is pretty low under the circumstances.

    Cars in the $20k range are hard to sell on-line. Not many people can come up with that amount in cash and it is difficult to get financing for purchases from individuals. Watch out for scammers and make sure you have the money before you sign over the title. In your shoes, if it does not sell, I would go with CarMax. You have the cash in hand and you don't have to deal with scammers or crazies. That money would cover some of the roofs that need to be done or other repairs to the rentals. You can always buy another SUV or van when you are in better financial shape. I still think an older van would be best for the rescue. We have several here that have gone that route.

    Time for Thanksgiving - lots to be thankful for this year for all of us!

  3. Kaycee Fisher Says:

    "I was the top candidate but now job on temporary hold. they are going through a re-org.. recruiter says if no news next week I should move on."

    OMG, I feel for you. I have FINALLY, after being unemployed for 6.5 months, landed a job. I first interviewed with this place nearly 3 months ago. @@ And you have no idea of the number of times I heard the phrase "we are re-organizing." Needless to say, NONE of those jobs came thru. I think it is easier to say that instead of we don't have the balls to tell you you're not getting the job. Frown That and I'll have to check my schedule and call you for an interview next week. @@ I heard that numerous times too. I swear, I should have started a blog and/or written a book about the horrific times I had on the job search.

  4. Rachael777 Says:

    Thansk for the support Kaycee..this has been my lengthiest job searches. I was figuring it was due to the season too and I am pretty restricted to area but STILL.. your comments made me laugh though.. Maybe this 'just reorged' job will turn out but I am applying elsewhere in the meantime.

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