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Main home refinance, I close tomorrow, and other stuff

November 21st, 2014 at 01:15 am

HI all

Got the clear to close. I close tomorrow on the main home refinance. I have to bring $294 which is fine.. rate 5.375%, 5/1 arm. Savings of $1200 a month. This frees me up from the risky high rate hard money loan and buys me 5 years but hoping to refinance to a 15 year conventional in August.

I was not escrowing taxes yet for next year so my 'real reflected savings' over what I was paying is only $261.. that will go to savings

Paying off the roof this weekend.. and other stuff.

Putting $750 more towards savings

Interest in the ellipitical at $75
NO interest in exercise bank or cage bank.I will call animal control and that low cost spay neuter clinic to see if I can get some interest even if I go down in price

Vacuuming my Tahoe this weekend and will get estimates from carmax and this local place

Work is insane.. 90 minute drive home.. and layoffs in 3 weeks.. boss was talking today about losing his job.. VERY high pressure and stress.. but on a high note.. got overtime approval again.. 5 hours. unfortunately they want 3 hours of that TONIGHT.. (tired from long crazy day w work and loan and drive home)

Have not heard on that job I interviewed for .. still hoping for good news soon



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  1. Another Reader Says:

    CarMax in Arizona offers are generally higher than a brand dealer but lower than a private party sale. There isn't one where I live. The main benefit is that it is much easier and faster to sell a higher priced car to them. In your shoes, I would take the offer if it is reasonable and put the money away. Talk of layoffs in three weeks would make me very nervous and anxious to pad the e-fund.

    Drop the price of the animal equipment to whatever gets it sold. You probably won't get any interest from the animal control people because of their spending policies. Buying used equipment is not something they do. The spay neuter clinic might be a better candidate.

    Once you sign docs, you should be in the clear. If you sign tomorrow, will the loan fund on Wednesday?

    It really is amazing that you could complete the refinance so soon after the foreclosures. Who would have guessed you would be able to save your house and get it financed on reasonable terms when you started this blog?

  2. Rachael777 Says:

    Yes loan funds Wednesday!

    Trying to really close out the year strong.. need to get these things sold, things paid off and stabilize. SO PSYCHED I got out (am getting out today) of that ticking time bomb loan.. saving is only a few thousand over 9 months but if I can get that conventional in August .. really starts to kick in.. I understand about building up the e fund.. also will kick up more job search next year if thsi job does not work out.. thankful I am a higher demand area.. if I was willing to work out where I work now or work downtown I would have had a job by now.. And excited to concentrate on closing that negative cash flow gap. believe it or not I have been so bogged down with other stuff and stabilizig that never really put a GOAL to it or a plan.. always wanted to close the gap but never really worked it.. I think I can knock a few hundred off next year maybe.. be GREAT!

  3. Rachael777 Says:

    It will be fun to do all the analysis and calculations at the end of the year too.

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