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Quick updates, savings, job, 3 units

November 17th, 2014 at 01:41 pm


Quick updates

Called seller on the deed.. no issues.. he wants me to fax him a note and he will call his attorney to get that working.. YAY

no word on job yet.. hoping to hear GOOD NEWS today.

My job now is very political..stressful and w this high profile program risky.. IBM guy said last 2 people who tried to turn it around by resolving highlighting issues were let go. I am already feeling the heat.. not good at all

hope to have a closing date on that loan today

$3200 more to savings (went to real estate emergency fund and will immediately go towards roof)

Boyfriend bought me $900 snowblower this weekend. NICE.. savings and a quality unit.

Saw 3 units today and took pictures.. made a list of long term items (sealcoat parking lot, trim trees back and either siding or repaint current siding).. I will get quotes and budget for next year

FEELS good to get involved and KNOW my worst case and costs

I DID sign up for 6 months w that lady (existing property manager) with a list of concerns I want her to address etc.. I will cut it down to 3 months if possible..caught her again fudging costs and she is simply not set up to turn these units over fast..I saw it on the 15th.. it was vacated on the 1st and NO WORK was done.. her goal is to have someone move in (already approved and waiting) on the 18th

Units were LARGE, well lit, updated, front and rear door first floor units, nice area of town.. rents are only $565-585.. she does not want to raise rents and is conservative in that way but the research I and Matt (other property manager) has done shows those could go for at least $50 more maybe a $100 more each and they are so small (500-600 sq feet) that turnover costs should be low. I have a $500 loss on those every month (on 5 year payoff).. It appears I can close that gap maybe in full in a yearish w raising rents.. lower costs. thatt would be a HUGE WIN.. this means more savings or more breathing room..

Onward to work!

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