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Got overtime, job and rental updates

October 26th, 2014 at 05:04 pm

HI all

On a 'high' note. I got approval to work 5 extra hours a week for the next 3 weeks. at the 2 week mark I will see if I can get it extended or increased. I think I only get paid straight time for 'overtime' so if I do 15 hours extra over 3 weeks I can expect to NET $653 more than normal.. will see if I can increase that or make it the norm

1.. Interview next week for a closer to Naperville job
2. Still waiting to hear on that work at home interview I had last weeek (interview was harder than I had thought so although I was 'strong' it was not my best interview. had a very bad cold.. speech was worse etc)...waiting to see if I get called back for a 2nd phone interview (only 3 out of 10 do)
3, and still waiting for first interview on that other work at home job I REALLY want

Praying for a work at home job. feeling swamped and stressed and rushed most of the time w a 3 hour commute each day.. crazy..and need to get more fall/winter work clothes if I keep this job much longer.

Expecting to hear on the loans by mid next week. excited.

I GOT the appraisal from the first bank that the 'bad broker' went too.. ( this is good news.. the broker was holding it 'ransom' for his fee) and had to file a criminal compliant for extortion against the broker. he was threatening to disclose personal information unless I paid him his 2 points even though he did not get the loan. Cops called him and apparently he agreed to stop and told them he would file a civil suit. he has no case. I called the bank and they also said the loan was not approved

Need to increase my rental fund back up and take care of these expenses.. fund is going down to approx $10k an still ahve 1 roof and some other stuff pending.

I DID drive out to those 2 homes that are side by side and was THRILLED w the condition of the homes...with the tenants everything. I will take one of those homes as my first fully paid off deed'.. tenant was talking about wanting to plant a garden etc.

November (how the pay checks work out ) I should be able to save or 'use towards the rental emergency fund' almost 2 full checks $3600 so that should go a long way. determined to save SOMETHNG every month towards my general investment fund.. even if only $100 or less

and have some interest in my cage bank.. will send pix to the person.. try to get $2000-2500 for it and have other stuff to sell too just been SO SWAMPED w this job. What a crazy idea it was to take this (they did say I would have more work at home) but STILL

But at least I have a paycheck and these 2 loans look like they can wrap all costs in the loan which considering the lower rate /amortization will pay that extra portion off in very short order

We shall see

Rambling note..onward. Smile

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