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Main house refinance, turned 44 the 15th, and other misc

October 18th, 2014 at 05:04 pm

HI guys.

Got home from Florida w a cold.

Here are the updates.. diarying for now.. hard to get to a plan until this loan comes through.

Main home refinance. i am pursuing two options simultaneously.

5/1 arm 5.6375, 2 points..
15 year CONVENTIONAL..3.675

News on BOTH next week and then proceed to appraisal. Both gave me the 'ok' on prequalification. now going to underwriting. Conventional has to be manually underwritten.

Old loan broker who wants his fee even though he did NOT secure me a loan is literally threatening me via email, text and phone saying he will send out a mass email to my work and contadcts (on my application) that i am not paying him and are in breach of contract. Talked to several people and we are in the process of reporting him.. seems like this guy came unhinged!! Glad did not go through him. Also notifying hte licensing entity and the bank he was trying to go through. he is forging documents etc trying to make it seem 'I was approved'. Attorney recommending calling bank Monday and we will . CRAZY!

Anyway.. PRAYING for the conventional to turn out.. payment would be approx $3100 with taxes and insurance. I pay $2970 now WITHOUT taxes and insurance. Loan would pay for itself in 2 months!! all the rest is gravy

So looks like I will get A loan (somewhre) by the end of the month.. or have it settled..

Had a phone interview last week .. went ok.. panel interview for a work at home job.. hear on if I get called back (another phone interview)next week... other than that all quiet on the job search front..and entering the job dead zone pretty soon here.

Glad I have a job and figuring switching again in the middle of a loan app is not a good idea to so ok w the fact that I have not found one yet but want one soon.

6 homes, 3 units all filled and feeling like they are in better shape now. more confident from having gone though some rough times.. units and homes rent easily and for a good price... they are small and basic so not super expensive to fix up.. will switch 3 units to 6 homes property manager next month.. they really seem like a good long term monthly income source.

Only have til April 2018 to go on the 6 homes payoff . 3 years 6 months... getting those paid off wil be a HUGE relief (and should start netting me $4k a month once paid for. but was planning to put that towards that 3 units which will get those paid off 5/2019). things are tight and risky w the 5 year contract on the 6 homes and early payoff on the 3 units.... not a lot of room for error in these first 5 years at all and I consider myself blessed and fortunate that I have a high paying job and have had no job breaks.. Thank you God.

Auto saving $250 Monday and will try to put another $1000 in there but need to rebuild the rental fund. can not have any risk w the 6 homes..

Still holding on to that missing mortgage payment for the 6 homes and will send that once the settles.

onward. Smile

Still waiting for motorcycle guys $6k which will go directly to the rental homes emergency fund which is about to be depleted by almost 3k for the fix up work on the last vacant home we turned over. But good to get these homes all up to standard shape

Turned 44 the 15th. 6 homes wil be paid off when I hit 47

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  1. Petunia in a Flower Garden Says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Happy Birthday! Will look forward to hear good loan news soon.

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