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Main home refinance-update

October 3rd, 2014 at 02:47 am

HI all

Main home refinance update.

1. have not heard from that broker after he emailed me that he was doing no more work on my file unless I paid him his fee up front. He was at 6.75 points, 6.375 rate, 5/1 arm

*I decided not to worry about that.. got too much other stuff w Dad and getting a loan, so i have not contacted him since*

1. FHA loan..Looks like I can prove continuity of obligation (title is currently held in an LLC) to do a refinance. House is in a single member LLC w me as the sole member. Also looks 'good' for meeting extenuating circumstances. I am doing a mini-submmittal to get a real underwriters opinion. IF this loan looks good I may be able to wait for this and go straight from my hard money loan to this (need 90% certainty though to wait t hat long and cut it so close)
2. one day out of foreclosure loan (this is the SAME loan that broker #1 was trying to do and then got crazy).. Anyway new larger broker FIRM (not single guy) I submitted a mini application w credit. He is sending it in tomorrow to see if we get a pre approval (he thinks we will).. news next week Wednesday.. estiamted rate less than 5%, 2 points, 5/1 arm. this broker does VOLUME in this kind of loan. they require 12 months PITI in LIQUID funds.. that is going to be a stretch and they may be able to use the appraisal I just had (but the 1st broker is specifically refusing to help me so not sure I can get it from him.. may contct the actual lender agent he was working with. THoughts??)

No job news.. applying for one more but things REALLY slowed down

6 homes going AWESOME.. got an awesome tenant for that vacant house.. costs being contained I am working so much better w the PM. the break (switching property managers) even though it cost me was a good learning experience!

Meanwhile 3 units.. I am looking to see if 6 homes guy want those too.. we just had a tenant vacate a unit and the current PM inspected it (for $40 extra fee) and says the unit looks PERFECT but yet she wants to spend almost $1500 fixing it up for paint, recaulk tub and hang blinds. Unit is 500 sq feet 1 bedroom.. Costs seems insane. I have her for 1 more month so I got a hold of the estimate and am contacting the contractor.. I need to understand if it is so perfect why do we need to spend $1500.. repainting the whole unit seems crazy.. ceilings too.. but I do not know the exact condition... will get more info tomorrow...and the same contractor painted a whole house for $1500 (3x the size) these rent for only $585 .. but I thikn they can go for more. .just riding it out.. do not have a lot of energy to expend on this right now. will call contractor, find out condition, talk to PM, make a decision and get it filled.

I see Dad over the weekend (stroke).. been stressed and swamped

Prayers for good loan news in the next several days and ENERGY and PEACE!!

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