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work at home job and being grateful

September 22nd, 2014 at 02:07 am


Got a lead on a 100% work at home job. $57/hr (and one position that is higher rate..) 18 months.. I am trying to get in w the recruiter tomorrow. They have 10 + openings but the job was sent to 200 people.I am a good fit.. need to look at what $57 hour would be vs $65 I make now (but minus the gas costs)..My last job was $55/hr./. I woud also have time AND energy if I worked at home to do my consulting. easily $500 a month.

Hoping to hear on at least one job next week and THE LOAN. Geting that nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach w this loan .. really need it to close..

I am off to Florida w that guy I am seeing Friday thru Monday... his daughter ad grandkids are out there. I wil try to work more hours Mon-thursday so I do not take such a paycut.

trying to take note of of things I am grateful for.. and will start that. unfortunately too tired to list or start tonight and have to be up early for this insane drive

I DID get 4 new tires. car rides like on air now.. very nice.

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