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Loan update, property update, job update

September 19th, 2014 at 01:07 am

Hi all,

Feeling a little discouraged.. probably because I am SO TIRED and waiting for all these things to finalize

1. jobs. submitted for probably 4-5 more. all in town or nearby. got one phone interview. no word yet on 2nd interview. got turned down on that one job. Job cycle is MUCH SLOWER this time of year.. 4 of the jobs I applied for went on hold.. Crazy!
2. Loan.. on pins and needles waiting for the 'clear to close'..I guess i was expecting it in a day or two after the appraisal. broker says it can take up to 2 weeks and they do purchases first. mine is a refinance.
3. 6 homes. I am looking at that vacant house we are fixing up on Saturday. supposed to be done or almost done.. looking to start showing it next week to rent. rent $1050 up from $1000 but may go down to $1000 dependent on reaction. this is a SLOW season
4. foundation guy (on that same house) appears to have found a solution for the lingering water issues... $1800. down from estimated $5k
5. looking to do at least 1 more roof this year on the '6 hommes'
7. 3 units property manager contract is up 11/1 (and it is w the lady who was managing the 6 homes who I jsut switched from) I am thinking of switching that to this other PM who manages my 6 homes now. I am acting different w him, different expectations, less anxiety and it is really working out great.. plus his contacts are thousands lower for the same or better job..also he is creative and has so many homes he has ads out all the time. he has already referred folks for the house we are fixing up so hoping to fill that asap

Basically my two biggest stressers are the job and the loan not being finalized. the loan is a big stresser as I want to settle and relax in the house and I am holding off on all sorts of things pending the exact numbers on that

Onward.. but resting tonight. Smile

October will mark a year on SA and I am going to do a wrap up time capsule of the year. I am hoping it includes closing this loan!!

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