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Looks good for new renter

September 9th, 2014 at 12:02 am

Hi all.

No word on appraisal or jobs today. submitting to yet more jobs at one certain Naperville company that I will share once I get a job there!

Anyway.. short term renter is signing a 6 month lease at $1435 w it converting to month to month after that. We are hoping for 9 months. we shall see. that is a $510 increase over the last rent which will hopefully offset my costs as of late and let me start to rebuild.

Getting quotes on the now vacant house to get it moving.. goal is to have it fixed up by next weekend and ready to rent

This house needs french drains..guy who was going to do it . his voice mail has been full all day. hope he can stil do it

SUPEr swamped at work and stresed w the insane drive.. had to work 'later' today and drive was incredibly bad!

Praying for a new job (local) soon at same pay.

Onward but TIRED and STRESSED.. need a day off..or just work at home or something.


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