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Appraisal was today, 6 homes updates

September 6th, 2014 at 11:20 pm

HI all

Appraisal was today. hope it went well. lady seems a little like that guy who low balled me before. hoping for $525k. there are not alot of ranch comps in Naperville with large lots etc.. I had my property manager pull comps for me and I gave them to her, with a list of improvements, my old BPO (showing $525) etc.. she will review them. PRAYERS!!

If thsi appraisal comes out right we should only need one and can likely close week after next.

Lady who was not paying moved out today (most of her stuff) we take the house over Monday (change locks if not totally out)... I walked through today . no real damage. we will do new carpet, touch up paint, new fixtures and property manager 'all in one' guy is on vacation this week so I am having some of the folks I know quote. I continue to need to increase my list of maintenance guys, all in one guys, etc for these homes.. will make a list of what I have (and hwat the property manager has) . Good guys get busy so need more than one.

Got an application and likely lookking to finalize w that lady whose house burned down and just needs 9 months.. will hope to finalize that Monday.. $250 premium on rent.. which makes the rent $1435 (up from $925 from the last renter)

I am also going to get it section 8 approved so we have that route for later if need be. section 8 rents went wway up too..

So nice basic house fix up is done.

Will contact the guys w that french drain idea for the 2 homes (they are side by side) to finally fix the water issues .. the house that we are renting and is ALREADY fixed up is dry w the fixes we have done so far.. the house next door (that is being vacated now) is NOT dry in a big rain (which this year seems to be full of) a French drain should solve that

Praying for the appraisal to go well, the short term renter to work out, reasonable cost to fix up the other house and more money and LESS COSTS and a new job (forgot)

I hear on the appraisal MONDAY!!

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  1. alice4now Says:

    Good luck on the appraisal. I don't know how you can handle the stresses of the real estate business, I always got nauseous with just one house sale or purchase!

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