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Main home refinance update, ponderings

September 5th, 2014 at 01:04 am

HI all

Loan update. They got the paperwork wrong. rate was wrong. they sent me 5.5% but for the program I am . it should be 6.25%.. no change in any other terms. Still very good. Apparently someone at the mortgage company made several errors like this. They fired her and are submitting all new paperwork for me to sign. Makes me nervous. ON a higher note they charged me for the appraisal, $370, which means someone has to call me soon to set that up. Once that is over .(and hopefully turns out well) I am home free. Reminding of the reasons I need to get out of this loan is the payment is $2970 WITHOUT taxes and insurance (that part adds almost $1000). I can not afford to escrow that without a severe cut in any monthly savings. ANd if I escrow I need to start escrowing this month. W the new payment, I will pay the same amount or less and it will cover taxes and insurance as well. HUGE savings. Anyway, they are looking for $525k for the value to wrap in all the banks costs remaining... 525k would be awesome but a little less is fine too. Also for folks who were not tuned in up front.. part of the reasons things are tight (outside of my crazy 5 year ambitious plan) is because my 'plan' did not include having a mortgage payment AT ALL for probably 2-3 more years out. I got an opportunity to buy my OWN house from the bank (it was in foreclosure) and I did so because of the equity and peace of mind that brought.

Ponderings.. paid all personal bills for this month just now and figured out 6 homes/3 units costs for the month (standard costs) based on estimated rents/expenses. I am basically surviving now.. not putting much into savings. I put $453 in last mont, zero for July, and will try to put $1000 in this month. All my extra funds is going towards the loan costs ($1000 to date, paid out of close) and overages on the 6 homes due to lack of rent.

Trying to think positive. I am doing a good job of squeeezing things to cover my costs without dipping into emergency funds so when the homes stabilize.. I should be doing real well and when I switch jobs (if I do not take time off.. which I likely will) will have an $1800 cushion between jobs.

We shall see.. trying to SEARCH for anything positive.. too much in the air still.


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  1. Bluebird Says:

    Great job on trying to resolve all of these issues at once...home loan, new job, rentals. I hope the home loan closes soon for you so you can relax a bit!

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