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No job update yet, but money saving/making plans today

June 26th, 2014 at 02:39 pm

HI all

No job news!!


I really want some job news.. tired of looking and want to move on.. I should have news today

Other stuff (task list for today)
1. calll on Genesis warranties.. cancel them.. ($ will go towards lien holder but will reduce loan so I get more $ from sale).. find out how refund works.. how long it takes. should I wait to cancel til car sold. looking to sell car pretty quick
2. clean out cage bank and list. price for it now if purchased new is $4500.. looking to offer it at 2k.. it is 3-4 years old but barely used.
3. submit all loan docs for loan .. they need docs BEFORE they can give me a written preapproval so not as firm as I had thought. bank statements, DL, and ss card and paystubs.. My address is currently at a friends (for llc loan). now need to switch it back for thsi loan. Hope this loan comes through
4. call on this website thing for my not for profit. potential $500 back to not for profit
5. call on website thing for me. potential $450 bacc k to me

Proud I have still retained the $1200 cushion..

I looked into car insurance if I just drop the genesis but keep the tahoe insurance will go down from $104 a month to $38 wow.. crazy. have looked a little bit at some cars online.. w possibility of selling both and getting a more gas efficent SUV .. or mid style sedan

Problem (or thing) is that I REALLY like my cars so if I can not get a nice car I basically just want a low cost car ($10k or less) to 'hold me' over for 4 years or so.. like I do not want to waste money on an average nice car that I will feel I have to hold onto for years.. we shall see..

I DID talk to loan guy about my potential new job ..he said no issue if in same field, same or higher pay and no m ore than 30 days downtime.. I will only take a week off


Onward.. Fingers crossed for job news today.

Hope this $65 job comes through.. 1 work at hoome day.. flex time for the rest of the days.. come early . leave early .. miss traffic.. friends and highest rate so far..

2 Responses to “No job update yet, but money saving/making plans today”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Good luck! I know how draining it is to have most of the big elements of your future up in the air. Can't wait for some certainty and peace of mind!

  2. Rachael777 Says:

    such an accurate description 'most of the big elements in your life up in the air'
    Thanks. Smile

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