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RENTAL EMERG FUND COMPLETE! and 6 homes transition update

June 17th, 2014 at 12:08 am

HI all,

3 goals reached

1. Saved $1200 to keep in my bank account at all times for emergencies. Contingency money
2. Finished the ROTH for this year.. added $2000 for a total of $5500

That motorcycle guy still owes me $6000.. hoping to see it this month... that will go towards the rental emergency fund so when I pay for the roofs it gets built back up.

Still struggling to settle up and get back on my feet.. settling up w 2 flat tenants this week and then have to settle up utilities for that then all costs go9ne (and income). BIG income hit these last few months. I shoudl be settled by mid next month and can start a routine again.

6 homes transition. still rocky.. biggest concern is the one lady who had rent last week and called old property manager with it.. he told her to hold it and NOT pay him.. now new property manager is calling and she is not returning calls. She is the one who just signed up for new garbage though.. so hoping that works out. new property manager is going over there shortly too. If you recall new property manager is going out of town this next week (Alaska) and is swamped and a little frazzled. I am hoping I made the right decisoin to switch. would feel much better if rent was in. not sure if she is being aggressive enough.. upsetting...She has said it would have been easier some other month to start .. I am wondering if she is doing all she can.. impressed on one hand but nervous w this rent situation. Hope to have news tomorrow.. I do not want to have a non paying tenant but this tenant has been paying ever since she omoved in.. crazy! If no progress tomorrow we will give a 5 day notice .

I will be doing two roofs next month (across the 6 homes).

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  1. Another Reader Says:

    Take a deep breath and let the new property manager do her job. She needs some time to get the tenants oriented to the new way of doing business. The time to call is when the does not get done and she's had a chance to do it.

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