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Property Manager transition update #3`

June 10th, 2014 at 08:09 pm


Update. not super awesome. Rough transition but expectedd. (this is on the 6 homes. 3 units are fine)

1. rents-approx 50% in (note I have 70% of the TOTAL rents but 50% of the tenant portion is not in). I was at first told they were all in by the old property manager-PM. Confusion about who is collecting. 2 tenants called and were told to send it to the other person and never sent it. New PM is collecting from 2 homes today. These people did call old PM and attempted to pay last week (so should have money) but were told to wait for new PM contact
2. finding some delayed maintenance items (leaks not fixed etc)..$$ but at least fixing right
3. tenant in that one house not out yet. expecting word from S8 this week on what they are doing.. I will feel SO MUCH more at ease once that is turned over.

Just hanging in there and making my payments.

Section 8 inspection on one home next week. (another test for new PM)

HOPING this turns out well in general.

I do feel we will get someone good in tehre once we move this lady out just upsetting... but no rent loss so far. I am concerned about cost to prepare house for new tenant but new PM is going over there next week to check things out and I feel I can trust her to get things done right for a fair price and to make sure tenant is aware of hte costs to her if she leaves the house in disarray. I did NOT have confidence in old PM w that.

Once tenant situation (move out) clarifies itself I will schedule the 2 roofs (I have money)

Hoping in the long term that things smooth out and costs are less and homes better run/maintained with none of these insane costly situations popping up.

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  1. Another Reader Says:

    These transitions are always soap operas. The faster you can get it done, the better it is for everyone.

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