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Another Rachael update, moving forward, 2 flat, refi, job and prop mgr

May 28th, 2014 at 12:53 am

Hi guys

I need to update more. been SUPER stresed w this property manager switchover. whenever I 'procrastinate' on something it hangs over me and I get stressed and down. I need to do upsetting things right when they occur to me so I do not get so upset.


1. 2 flat, settling up w the tenants as of 6/12... then house is gone! I have the money to settle up.
2. 2 flat ex tenant.. never paid me.. I have someone calling him but considering that gone (loss of $810)
3. refi.. talked to my first best option and sent him paperwork (this is a broker) and he ran it by some folks and INITIAL thoughts are they CAN DO IT (shortly after 8/1). WOW.. still firming that up . got more docs to send and an explanation letter but WOw. that would be awesome if I could refinance out of this loan that quick.. Loan payment now is $2970 (12%interest) AND I pay taxes ON TOP of this.. new loan payment would likely be the same or LESS but WITH taxes. I will have normal fees w this loan and 1 point to the broker
4. paid all taxes (thank the Lord I escrowed!!)
5. Got an interview w that $63/hr job last Friday and did WELL.. they are in a hurry.. hoping to hear this week.fingers crossed and prayers.
6. still scrambling .. primarily because of excessive expenses to buy new furniture, and fix things up with the house but made up my 'shortfall' already but about 6 weeks ago put $3000 on a (buy now pay 0 interest if paid in full in 12 months) Pottery Barn card.. it is in my budgdet to pay it off but wish I had the money to pay cash.. and may need to pay that off 'pre-refinance'. I do not regret the furniture and house fix up. I really needed it for ME.. have not done anything w this house for years and now making it a 'home'.. real proud and excitedd and Happy
7. putting up a new website for my consulting business (in the budget.. no debt!).. should be done in a few weeks
8. roofs are still on hold through the property management transition. I have $6k (not reflected in the left column) and will need $2k more.

So exciting times.. but LOTS going on.. can not WAIT til the 2 flat 'settling up' is done.. and the property management is back on track and my job situation is firmed up and I have FURNITURE . I sold everything so have no where to sit (patio stuff came last can sit outside which is nice) but no where else to sit unless I sit downstairs in the finished basement.

All rents continue to be in but costs and 'missed opportunities' are high w the current '6 homes guy'.. scary to change over but think it is for the best.

I can take a fully paid off home (out of the 6) out of the contract in August..and have that as an extra safety net (can sell at will without encumbrances)

the update. hope you all had a great weekend. Smile

I will post once I hear on this job and with news on the REFI and property manager switchover.

2 Responses to “Another Rachael update, moving forward, 2 flat, refi, job and prop mgr”

  1. laura Says:

    Hang in there! This too shall pass. Let's try to meet up soon. The next 1.5 weeks are bad for me (quarter ends next Friday) and I have two HUGE papers due by then. Our finances are on autopilot and only half of my children are on summer break with the other half to follow next week. My FB page is nothing but complaining posts about these papers I am (trying) to write and my desk and floor are nothing but pages of info that I am trying to integrate into cohesiveness.

    I imagine we shall both emerge on other side, fit and fine. Just having the energy to get there is key. Smile

  2. Another Reader Says:

    In your shoes, I would have delayed the furniture purchase. Too much job and mortgage uncertainty. I would rather sit on a $5.00 plastic patio chair than add to the risk.

    If you can get that side business up and running, you should be able to cover that expenditure quickly.

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