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Another interview

May 16th, 2014 at 06:37 pm

HI there.

Lots of news but only a second here. been workingn on beign grateful and HANDLING this 6 hoomes project manager mess! (at least all rents continue to be in each month).. but other fun news too (share later) For now just job search update.

Been working with recruiters.. got submitted to another company at $65/hr. they expressed interest and came back with $63/hr.. we resubmitted at that and expect an interview request shortly.. either phone first then face to face or right to the face to face... 1 year contract but potential to have longer.. and consulting company has the option to do salary $110k PLUS 3 weeks vacation PLUS paid holidays from day one! $110 is what I effective make now but I have no vacation at all!


Getting submitted for other jobs too. ongoing process.

This is in OakBrook. I am in Naperville so not as far. Business casual. checking linked in to see if know anyone there..

Though I only followed Atkins for 4 days . I lost 3 lbs (and kept it off for 3 weeks w/o trying) so must have been real weight. I will start Dr A again after this weekend (big week at work)


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  1. Kiki Says:

    Good luck with the potential new job!

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