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Still reeling-but updates on job, 2 flat, refinancing the hard money loan

May 13th, 2014 at 05:09 pm

HI all,

STILL REELING and off balance and not doing well.

Probably related to a personal relationship issue here (several people have shared theirs.. I may just briefly share mine at some point). feeling like my relationship is stalled and angry, sad, and frustrated with it... wondering if I should move on. I feel like I am on a fresh start, and want to make plans etc and he is not there yet with his life and maybe w me.. we have seen each other for a year but are not talking about doing anything.. he did bring up moving in etc.. I did not respond to it as it seemed not serious. He later said he was afraid to bring it up directly for fear if I said no 'the elephant would be in the room' and figured I was not ready. He says he loves me, does all sorts of 'actions' to show it, he is not a guy who writes poems or says all these loving things all the time (or has long talks) though he says he loves me all the time, talks about future things we can do, wants to be with me etc ec, introduces me to everyone. I guess I do not feel the CONNECTION because I am planning for the future and it is WEIRD having him there and not knowing if he is a part of it or thinks of that. He is extremely involved w the house fix up/tightening up.. SUPER HANDY and loves working in the yard, inside, outside. whatever.. lots of ideas. he is an electrical engineer and grew up on a farm.

1. 2 flat gone.. will settle up with tenants based on what court docs say
2. 6 homes.. still have not turned over that one house.. tenant still stuck in s8 limbo moving out. still frustrated with current prop manager. I am feeling like I have to extend him to July 1 as he put in all sorts of costs/time to show the place etc.. original cut off date was June 1...THOUGHTS?
3. talked to the first refinance option (the best option) for my hard money loan. he thinks he can get me out as soon as Aug 1 (soonest date) with rates between 6-8% . I am at 12%v now. I was hoping for 5 or 6 but even at 7%.. my payment WITH TAXES will be the same as my hard money payment now (which is WITHOUT taxes)
4. speaking of which taxes are DUE.. Thank the LORD I keep them escrowed in my account for the house I live in!!
5. Job.. changes at the company.. changes in our group.. likely layoffs.. which means my contract may not get extended after 11/28. I will knwo in June but am looking NOW. I make $55/hr.. hoping to raise that to $65/hr to a DRIVEABLE location. .. no train rides.
6. had someone call that 2 flat tenant who owes me $807.. he told them he does not feel he needs to pay me and filed for BK chapter 7 but left me off because he feels he should pay me something. i am like 'just pay me something and get it over with!'. he still does not return my calls. I do not need the stress.

Trying all sorts of stuff to get out of this brief downfall.. making to do lists.. checking things off. taking care of ME..etc

Have a great day folks.

5 Responses to “Still reeling-but updates on job, 2 flat, refinancing the hard money loan”

  1. Wife of the Deacon Says:

    Aw, hang in there, girlfriend. I just passed the 24 year milestone of wedded bliss to my man (and it hasn't been all that blissful of late, but we are on an upswing I am happy to say). I have a brother and best friend who are single and I date right along with them (due to my closeness with both). I can see where it is difficult to navigate for a future without discussing long-term stuff. My brother just did it, broke up with GF of two years, they both dated others and were miserable, and they're now in therapy and getting married next summer.

    Lunch one of these days in Naperville? I might check out the library at North Central (trying to skip another trip to Mundelein).

    Anyhow, hang in there. Lots of stuff going on for you, no doubt!

  2. Another Reader Says:

    I think it was a mistake to let the old property manager market the Section 8 house. Certainly he should keep that house at this point and receive a commission for placing a new tenant. Not sure how difficult it is to evict the current tenant, but if you gave her proper notice, she needs to be out on the 1st.

    My only comment on the relationship is that the guy you married was not only not a good fit, he was a financial disaster. You may want to think about the kind of men you are attracted to and if those guys are good for you long term.

    Given the situation at your current job, I would start looking now.

  3. TashaC. Says:

    That's a lot and it all sounds tied together. With your boyfriend- if he is helping you on YOUR house- he probably sees it as an investment in his future home too. If you are digging him- he sounds like he feels the same way. But I cant tell if you are digging him. It kind of sounds like your looking for an excuse to move on. Waiting for him to do something that will allow you to justify a break up. I could be way off though-let mew know!

  4. Rachael777 Says:

    Comments to all.. not sure how 'into' thsi guy I am as we do not have the closeness i have had with other guys which I get from communication....not sure.. and do not feel like making a big decision right now. Agree with Another Reader.. need to think about what I want and need emotionally and financially to make a commitment. For the S8 (Another Reader). feeling like I agree now I maybe should have let this guy go before we flipped this tenant but IF it had worked out.. I would be happy. I CAN evict but this lady is looking and things are being held up in approval status. I still get rent. I was going to make a decision to proceed to eviction if no news this week. Problem is the exsting property manager. I do not feel he is applying pressure or even knows how to too. (meanwhile 3 units just roll along . no stress.. no uncertainty and trust in prop mgr). I am where I am.

    Wife of Deacon. I do not have an email that does not contain my first and last name and do not wan to post my cell. If you have an unanimous email I can emmail you to set up or we can just set a time and place. Thoughts?

  5. Kiki Says:

    Sorry about the relationship questions you are facing.

    Move on from the prop manager. Why would you continue a relationship with him when all you have are complaints that he has not communicated with you, answer your calls, etc. a professional would not do that.

    This is a business! You need to take care of yourself. If the other mgr is ready as of June 1 like you said two months ago, move on!

    Women often cannot make these decisions/follow through because we want everyone to like us. This is a business decision, it is not personal.

    I think he is expecting to be kept on. Be the boss and get a proactive manager who RESPECTS YOUR TIME, MONEY AND PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIP.

    Even if he is part of the professional association of prop mgrs you mentioned before, how does he stay in business with the poor performance? If he says anything to others and someone questions you: he was not renewed due to poor performance.

    Move on already!

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