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Updates, feeling frustrated, Murphys Law in spades

April 30th, 2014 at 12:36 am

HI all

Good news first.

Interview went very well. News tomorrow. Drive was not as bad as I had thought.. it is off of 355.. vs 294. 50 minute drive there (3pm) and back (5pm).. not a lot of bad traffic and it was raining

Met with two directors... did not meet w hiring manager so was not able to ask about flex time..

Other news. frustrated with current property manager of the 6 homes. again left in the dark... called him today. it is 7:30 and no response yet... pissed. worried as that tenant turn over is not done yet. so that is up in the air..

Boss returned to work but I called in sick yesterday because I was so frazzled with the paint job abnd interview. so no news on renewal. upsetting

paint job gone bad.. guys started.. color in main rooms I do not like so having to choose another color which may impact other room colors (already bought) and just found out they left out a room in their quote.

Work stopped and they are coming by to requote tomorrow and set a time to start again. (this week I hope). meanwhile I am painting paint samples on the wll. .I can be indecisive and it is frustrating! and expensive

and 'hail mary' to the bank for the 2 flat failed. it will confirm on the 13th. no extra month rent.. and the tenant called today because of a water leak. water is in my name there so that is a concern. will fix tomorrow... just a tub handle washer but more $$

I want this 2 flat gone and that tenant (who moved out) . I called him at work. still no word on money and I am not feeling positive.. upsetting

I will continue to call him at work until he responds

Bad news day. tomorrow will be better.

Feeling short of money and bad... and stressed w work and a lot of stuff up in the air. thanks for listening.

and not for profit is not going well and I am feeling like I have no time to look at that. want to close it and just be free.

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  1. Another Reader Says:

    You might have to wait for an offer to discuss/negotiate flextime and anything else. You are in a stronger position once they decide you are the person they want.

    On the real estate, the tenant that owes probably has figured out there are no consequences if he does not pay. I would be surprised if you ever see that money.

    It's best when you work with contractors to know exactly what you want. The price goes up when you change your mind and have to redo things.

    In a month, all this will be behind you. Just keep building the cushion so you can get through the next round of problems.

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