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Dr Atkins day 4 update and other updates

April 25th, 2014 at 12:28 pm

Hi all

Day 4 here and weighed myself yesterday

LOTS of new is not hard. I am averaging 30 carbs vs 20 but weight today was only 3 lbs down which means i am still in the 'possible' water weight category.

Getting consulting website and charging up and running. charged 2 craigslist things for folks to help facciliate the sale to practice running cards again.

Been swamped at work.. testing days.. and boss comes back next week... hoping for renewal so I feel strong going into my interview.. which recruiter is trying to set for next week

No new $ news. it is so much funner to 'save/invest' something even small amounts eery day or every few days to see the #s change. sortof addictive.. I need to get this consulting up and running and that will help with that.. right now only paid 2x a month

Been a tough month financially but only down $800 now (for bills due around the first) and have plans to get that.. so will likely only need to take out $2500 for roofs (or less) from rental emergency fund

Will call property manager today for updates on turning over the house. I WISH he was like the other property manager who gives me updates vs my having to track him down all the time

Onward and spring is here.

No $ from that ex tenant yet and no word from bank on delaying the confirmation

Have a great day guys.

2 Responses to “Dr Atkins day 4 update and other updates”

  1. Another Reader Says:

    The problem with the internet is you can check your accounts as often as you want. If you check a lot, it feels like nothing is being accomplished. If you only invest when your paycheck is deposited, checking your accounts is like watching paint dry.

  2. Rachael777 Says:

    Could not be better said! need to get more money to invest, save but in stabilizing mode still

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