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Job interview(*good news), 2 flat and roof update

April 18th, 2014 at 06:21 pm

Hi all,

I got news on the job. They WANT a face to face w me and will set it up next week. I have not found out if I am the only one called in but I may be.. which means i am a shoe in. We will see.

I have asked the contracting company if they have a 401k I can join right away. News soon. I assume there is some waiting period. he will see if I can join.

Roofs looks like $2000 over budget. My budget was for a layover. now doing a full tear off (much better idea!).. architectural shingles.. $8k for 2 homes. I am holding $6k. I will ahve to use my rental emergency fund for the other 2k and then build it back up again.This job would go a LONG way towards building it back up.

2 flat was reclaimed by the bank. my guess is because of the pending 'life safety violation'. Confirmation date is 5/13.. I make $1025 on rent there.. I wonder if I should ask them to delay confirmation for one more month?

If the original confirmation date is held I owe the renters some $450 on the 'settling up' . I am short because the other renters owe me $810 and have not paid yet.

Finances are feeling very tight right now.

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