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Job interview update and other rental updates

April 16th, 2014 at 12:12 pm

Hi all.

Job interview (phone screen) went well... lots of 'buy signals'.. "when you are here.." etc..
I felt good it went well. less good w the distance. I asked some 'work at home' questions that may have given her the impression that I did not want the job. I said I did want it obviously but may ahve been less convincing .. Thsi is practice and 'what if'. If they have interest I will be told today if I get to come in for a face to face and hten basically it is mine. I should have news from the recruiter today.. Job would net me approximately $3000+ MORE a month. Drive is 43 miles one way (gas costs). If I am seriously thinking of it I will drive out there this weekend and see how far it really is.

I am already pulling traffic reports for time in the car.

Looks like work at home 1x a week..(after a while) and she wants me to work 8-5.. I am BETTING I can get flex hours. I do not want to take lunch and hten leave at 5 in the middle of rush hour.. 8-4 is fine.. eat at my desk..better yet 7:30-4. I am an early bird.

Office is in LINCOLNSHIRE but a straight shot up 294.. actually fine for 4 days a week.. 50% more pay. no hours cap and SOCIAL life at the office. I work at home now and when I do show up at work (which is rare) no one is there (really.. maybe 2 people.. very quiet.. boring etc..) that is partly why I work from home. so boring at work.

This sounded like a fun (actually easier job). I could work w people and be more involved. Contract per interview could be essentialy as long as I want it if they like me and it is a good fit.. never had someone 'not like me' or let me go so thinking this may be long term

So we shall see

2 flat sells tomorrow
Feeling frustrated w current property manager (slow response time, confused paperwork etc etc). new one is taking over as of 6/1.. hoping we get this unit turned over quickly.. tenant has found a place and is waiting for S8 to 'approve' and transfer paperwork.. So it will not be a sure thing until that happens. which means the 'move in' date for any new tenants (none found yet.. but soon) is a little fluid as we wait that out.

Things are moving forward but lots in the air

boss gets back 4/28 from India and I expect news on the renewal then.

I feel 'short' this month and do not like it..

*I just looked up traffic reports and traffic is light on the route.. 40 minutes leaving at 8am..I am actually HOPING I get the call back and afraid I seemed too disintersted or concerned w the drive.. PRAYERS I get the call back.. what an income boost, more social, easier and work would be left 'at work'" and LONG term contract. (years)

4 Responses to “Job interview update and other rental updates”

  1. wife of the deacon Says:

    N-ville to Lincolnshire in off hours shouldn't be that bad of a commute. And the benefits of what the job offers sound great (salary, socialization, etc). Fingers crossed. Smile

  2. Mooshocker Says:
    1397656002 of luck. As a Senior Executive, trust me, the questions you asked showed great due diligence. That is always attractive to potential employers. Jamie

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Rachael, my drive is 55 minutes if the traffic is moving, and the commute by train is even a bit longer due to transfers, waits, etc. And I have adjusted. A lot of people in our area have long commutes, it seems. I wouldn't let the drive stop me if the position sounds promising!

  4. Looking Forward Says:

    *Fingers Crossed* Smile

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