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An observation about 'stuff'

April 14th, 2014 at 01:54 pm

Hi all

I am going through my house and 'clearing out' like many are doing w the declutter challenge.

Nothing cures wanting to buy more stuff or trinkets like going through cabinets or your WHOLE house and throwing out bags, boxes of stuff that you paid essentially thousands for and in some cases never used, never wore, 'lost' so you bought 2 or three of them.

Wow. I am trying to sell some of my stuff and getting 'pennies on the dollar'

Throwing out books too and realizing the library is a better option sometimes.


then looking at pottery barn or other catalogues or model homes and seeing THEY actually have LESS stuff out .. less decorative items but nice well placed ones.. wow always learning

Same goes for my insanely large yard.. I just had it mulched.. 50 yards..I was originaly thinking wow I have to fill all these beds.. now thinking I will get some advice and go for a few well placed things.

Have made zero progress (actualy have not tried) towards losing my 10lbs I put on w the 'house saga'

Thinking of Dr Atkins for a week. it helps me to get the head start that gives and then I tend to be thin so can just get exercising again etc and eating normally. just need push at the start

Onward folks. good to read everyone else's stories

2 Responses to “An observation about 'stuff'”

  1. scfr Says:

    Oh yes, it's very enlightening to sort through everything, isn't it? Good lesson learned! Congratulations.

    I have a similar life philosophy. Learn the lessons and then keep putting one foot in front of another.

    Onward ...

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Completely agree about stuff. I don't feel we are big consumers of stuff compared to some people, but we can always find things to extract from our home at any given time. Glad you are enjoying the declutter process, or it sounds like you are!

    Perennials in your garden beds will return year after year, and many will get larger over time. You can then split them and replant elsewhere. Gardening helps one practice patience. Smile
    I didn't lose any weight last week, so I'm trying to be more focused this week to make it happen. Good luck to you!

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