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Positive news on rental we are turning over.

April 10th, 2014 at 08:43 pm

Positive news.. renter that we are letting go in the '6 homes' house IS in fact on her way out and MAY have found a place. We got the reference check yesterday.

We will start showing the place this weekend and will clarify her move out date as well. She is w Section 8 so all has to be approved through them (this is why the dates etc are a little influx) but I am feeling encouraged.

Hoping to raise rent $250/month

Meanwhile holding a garage sale the 26th-27th... trying to sell and get rid of stuff. Any tips on a better garage sale? I can take charge cards.. hopefully that will help.

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  1. snafu Says:

    Garage sale: Be prepared for people to make nasty comment about your 'merchandise.' Salers shop for bargains, don't get upset by their $ 5. offer on something you priced at $ 50. You might get more $$$ on CraigsList with photo & ad. Advertise on every free site you can think of to generate as much traffic as possible. Realistic pricing for items in pristine condition offered for 50% of new but be willing to negotiate with a smile even if you'd like to ask the buyer to go away.

    Never, ever let anyone in your house for any reason. Have a friend or neighbour on site so you're not alone. Have a couple of extension cords so prospective buyer can try-out electronics. We load the stuff that didn't sell in the car and take it to the closest thrift shop. If you've big items, make arrangements with GW or SA for pick up.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    People will have cash if they are shopping garage sales. It is rare to have a customer not have enough cash. If they don't they go to an ATM. Smile
    Organize like with like at your sale, clothes all together, preferably hung or neatly folded. Household goods together, tools together and so on. I also prefer to mark everything with a price, but I usually will take less if they offer. Have bright signs with large letters leading to your house from major intersections. Keep your cash on you at all times, we prefer the dreaded fanny pack! List your sale for free on Craigslist and other yard sale sites, maybe one of Facebook if there is one in your area. It's work, but a nice way to get a little cash. Also plan to donate what remains so it doesn't come back into your house!

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