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Settling up w the 2 flat renters

March 31st, 2014 at 01:16 pm

It looks like BOTH renters will be cooperative w settling up through end of May now.

Renter 1 (upstairs) moves out today but broke their lease.. they owe me $805 more which is due next week (and some will go towards utilities.. $400-500) but they settled up through end of April .

Renter 2 (downstairs, w egress window issue) is settlng up through END of May tomorrow and will turn the utilities on in their name. Once all monies come in I am essentially done w this place. Sells 4/17.. confirmed 30-45 days after

This means I can ask that guy (lender option #1) if he can refinance me sooner out of this hard money 12% loan for my own house. He said he could after I owned the house for 12 months.. since I owned the house before the refinance for 8 years hopig he can use that timeframe or stretch it.. only caveat is the house is in my LLC name now and was in my and my ex's name.

We shall see. I will contact him end of May/June (after sale confirmed)

I also have court on the egress window. I was ticketted. Court is tomorrow and I was given 30 days to get her out. She is moving upstairs so hoping to just show hte new lease, pictures and move on from that too.

More news tomorrow on ticket and settling up.

Monies from settling up will just go towards savings. I am due $1800 more but $400-$500 goes towards utilities so will get approx $1400 to use and from now on I have to budget WISELY to make this hard money loan w no 2 flat rental money assistancce.

I am on contract at work get NO paid vacation. was thinking I need 2 more small funds (car maintenance/repair, and vacation.. a weeks vacation is a loss of approx $1650 net.. I want to save that so vacation is an easier decision). Where would I keep small funds like that? What do you guys do? I want to keep them separate.

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