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OUTSTANDING news, "ok news", and feeling stuck!!

March 26th, 2014 at 01:03 pm

Hi all,

Outstanding news.. Tax refund is over $13000.. Why so high? my accountant had all those loss carry forwards from the years I did not work


$9600 came today

Plan.. put $10,000 into the real estate emergency fund.. maybe more. I lose the 2 flat in 2 weeks (4/17- and then 30-45 days to confirm sale)and am settling up w tenants so need to figure things out.

The 'ok news'.. I asked for a renewal. boss was in a bad mood.. stressed. has been for weeks (he leaves town for 4 weeks tomorrow).. anyway.. I did not get a yes but I did not get a no either. I got a vent about random things w work.. he said budgets are finalized in April and he will know when he gets back or before (he will log in from time to time) and he said they are letting go 2 people (contractors on specific non important projects. not a big deal) AND hiring 2 more people in our group. I am well liked and they have all sorts of work so I am feeling good but conversation was not 'super awesome'.. He ended with 'you are not on the list to be let go" Well.. glad I got that reassurance! I then had my major migration this weekend so have been working a lot. I coordinate all network across 15 engineers.. insane..47 banks.

And FEELING STUCK!! 3 Unit property manager is all set to go. and I have called the old PM but have not reach ed him and I feel this HUGE WEIGHT from not getting that resolved. I also have not called my aunt. So on the agenda today is calling both and reporting back

My stress will be 10 thousand times less w those 2 things resolve or at least 'done'

Thanks for the encouragement guys.

Still plugging forward.

I can pull a fully paid off deed out from the '6 homes contract' in August and the other (new one) property manager who is a realtor will help me figure out which one.

I need to make those calls today (prop mgr and aunt) so I can move forward. feel frozen!!

Next month will be my first month paying the hard money loan without the 2 flat income. Got to get thsoe 6 homes stabilized. I have $1000 worth of cushion built into the 6 homes budget but w the current PM use that almost every month.. with the new property manager I hope to save that cushion or some of it and throw it to the rental emergency fund or once that is funded somewhere else. (invest/savings)

So the rental emergency fund should be almost $21000 in the next few days (only $15k left to go to hit $36k) but seriously considered stopping at $30k especially if I do those 2 roofs shortly here and then leave it at $30k (w 2 roofs paid for and homes w new property manager). I will continue aiming for $36k in the meantime though.

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