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Possible news today!! taxes, 2 flat, aunt, property manager

March 19th, 2014 at 01:31 pm

Hi guys

I get possible news today on TAXES (hoping for a BIG refund, $10k+) and my aunt may give me $7k.. Talked to the guy who owes me $6000.., motorcycle has not sold yet but he is thinking by June. I will put most of this money towards the rental emergency fund (got $26k left to fund) and the other goals on the left.

I have a big go live this weekend (hopefully goes well) will ask for my extension (going for a year) either end of this week (if things look good and boss in a good mood) or next week .

Boss is gone the entire month of April.

It is raining here but a nice spring rain and I can smell the earth and plants.. wonderful!

Also talk to property manager today (possible new one..) to confirm we are all set for the 6 homes. She wanted to review leases etc first and then will talk to the existing PM.. and cancel his agreement

2 flat update.. Guys upstairs are leaving April 1 (they are paying through May 1_) lady downstairs who was stickered may move upstairs. If so this means she is in a legal apartment. Plan is to settle w her through the end of May, have her switch the utilities to her name and 'walk away'. House sells 4/17 and remains in my name for 30-45 days afterward util sale is confirmed. Renters can stay through term of lease or 6 months whichever is less.

Have a great day guys and keep pressing forward.

I feel I am getting things done and smoothing things out so I can move forward.

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