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General rental and other updates

March 6th, 2014 at 03:36 pm

Hi all,

Quick update and diary keeping so I can read later.

Added another $500 to the personal emergency fund today.. ALMOST THERE.. approx $1800 left to go to finish that

First payment to hard money loan done.. WOW

Taxes not done yet.. still working on raising refund. initial hope was $14000 (WOW..) based on a quick look and loss carry forwards.. however loss carryforwards expire or go away w the home they are for.. a more detailed look Tuesday by the accountant put me at only $7000.. he is seeing if he can revise it.. reason for MEGA decrease was because some of the loss carryforwards were on a house that went away. News soon hopefully

Still need to talk to my aunt who pledged $7000 in the past if the house came through (which it did!!)

and that loan I am owed $6000 (figure that will come in the Spring)

All rents basically in.. no issues.. still need to talk to water company on reimbursement

No new news just waiting.. working on house (fun stuff and tightening up) and hoping for warmer weather

Also trying to 'do well' at work. I am up for renewal in June but will make the request late March

Have not worked or started consulting stuff. been stressed w not for profit that I either need to give away or clarify and get control over (feels out of sorts and running a little off the rails now.. adds stress to me)

Hope everyone is doing well.. lots of good news on the posting.

Can not wait til both emergency funds are built so I can start building again.


My accountant and I talked 2 nights ago and I was all stressed about rebuilding my funds and he said to relax and enjoy the positive and said I am 'almost 80% there to my goals'.. That is true never really thought of that but my big goal was to get $8000 monthly cash flow in 5 years. if I just keep the homes and 3 units I will be at almost $6000.. I am building emergency funds now (will be done this year), the rest I can invest, I have health insurance, own my house now (w a mortgage), so I think I should give myself more credit than I do sometimes. but still keep focused and take some more time to have fun too.

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