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Interesting history and GOOD NEWS rental updates

March 3rd, 2014 at 03:15 pm

HI all,

Guy who was moving out of one of the 6 homes .. moved out! AND we got someone who moved in on the 1st.. at $50 more and we still have that garage to rent. Trying to cut my losses every month. So far in 11 months. I have cut the estimates and averages by about $1680 a year. This will be the year of rent raises (fingers crossed) and renting that garage trying to cut it more... expecting taxes to go up this year too.. so looking at every cost. only costs I have are maintenance/repair, management (can not reduce) and vacancy. Opportunities to get more income include that garage, raising rents and laundry at the 3 units..

Anyway.. found some old notes from 2008. with what I had then.. interesting. I tried to figure out what I would have had now if I had gotten 8% interest for 6 years with no further deposits.. (on the right side). Something to look at. I want to make up what I had and more.

News from ACCOUNTANT TOMORROW..(hoping for big money big money big money) on my tax return.


and the hard money payment has not come out yet.It was due to be withdrawn the 1st.. so should come out today.. I am feeling 'sortof on hold' as I wait for that to come out.

Have a great day all.

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