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2 flat status and other property manager

February 27th, 2014 at 10:20 pm


For those that do not know I have a 2 flat ( is not listed in the side or any calculations as it was known it was going away)that I am letting go via foreclosure. It does not impact me or my credit as I filed for BK Chapter 7 years ago. I thought I had til May though .. looks like the sale date was set for 4/17.. wow..earlier than I had thought.

The other property manager.. the guy who did not return my first call etc.. said he did not want the homes (via text!! disappointing). I asked him why and it appeared he did not want stress trouble etc as they are already managed by the other property manager who he knows.

Upsetting. I sortof took it personally.. I am waiting to hear if the 3 unit property manager wants to take all or some.

In the meantime I need to work on a way of how to get the original PM for the 6 homes to be tighter . He is (hopefully_) getting this one house rented super quick which is nice. Maybe more written communication vs verbal.. guidelines for when I am involved.. will think on it and ask some folks to help me draft some stuff up.

Maybe I need to be more involved. give him more guidance.

I do not know. upsetting. feeling down. I hopefully talk to my accountant today and he is always 'logical' and 'black and white' which helps me. I can be more emotional at times and forget the positive.

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  1. Another Reader Says:

    It's a small town. The second property manager knows the first one and likely does not want to interfere in his business, especially since the first one is active in the landlords' association.

    The faster that 2 family is gone, the faster you can refinance your house. The critical step for you is to insure your continued employment at your current job or to find a quick replacement if the contract ends. Focus on that now, it's the most important factor in your success.

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