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February 13th, 2014 at 07:40 pm


Chase Sapphire . did not apply for.. afraid I would get denied

Did apply for Chase Freedom

Going to Costco Sunday to check it out

Having a good rental month. all mortgages paid and costs were low.. putting this monies toward my emergency funds once I get paid tomorrow and have final accounting on rentals.. (early next week) and setting up a better routine and filing system.. feels good .. more in control..

6 homes person (who lost his job). looks good to find another one and stay on.. (not sure yet though of course, til rent is paid)

and news on 3 unit person tomorrrow

I want to work on extra income here (that side work I do) .. get my 2 funds funded faster.Be So happy when I have these emergency funds funded!

2 Responses to “Updates. ”

  1. Another Reader Says:

    Focus on those side jobs. At your hourly rate, the money will add up. More cash cushion equals less stress.

    Costco is not all that helpful for one or two people. If you shop carefully, you can beat them on most things. It can be crowded and difficult to park or push a cart around the store. However, if you are feeding a lot of people or pets, you can save money and time.

    One set of rental deposits coming tomorrow for me as well. It always feels good to cover all the mortgages and expenses with cash flow.

  2. Rachael777 Says:

    Thanks. I was coming to that thought myself. besides I do not want to have large cash outlays right now (to stock up.. most things are large sizes..).. fine with 'buy as I go'..I also shop at Target and get 5% off and have Walmarts and whatever else around here I need.. so no need to add that $55 dollars and risk being tempted by stuff I do not need.. I am 4500 from my personal emergency fund goal!!!

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